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XTRF Summit Program

and sharing event!

Whether you are a Senior Manager, Owner, XTRF Super User, Administrator, Project Manager, Vendor Manager, or Salesperson - you are invited! The program is filled with content and inspiration for all.

Get ready for
two days full of:

Inspiring talks

Client success stories

Workshops hosted by XTRF experts

Q&A session

Meet the XTRF team

Throughout the Summit, there will be a dedicated conference room, where you will find our Helpdesk, Trainers and Customization Experts. Use this opportunity to ask questions and meet the people behind the tickets.

Discussion panels

Exchange of knowledge
and usage scenarios

Networking and an enjoyable time

Open Reception, September 9 (Wednesday)

Conference Dinner, September 10 (Thursday)


The remote office will take place on a pre-conference day!
If you would like to talk business with XTRF Team and still get a chance to enjoy every workshop and presentation prepared for you during XTRF Summit - remember to schedule a meeting during pre-conference day. Sign-ups will open in July - stay tuned!

That's not all! Likewise last year Open Reception will take place during the evening before XTRF Summit. Does relaxing in a friendly atmosphere with great food and music sound good? Yes? Make sure not to miss it!

Share your knowledge and learn from your XTRF friends.
Get inspired by how other translations companies are working with XTRF, and how XTRF is changing the face of translation project management.

Ultimately, we want to help you generate more value
for your business with XTRF


Feel like jumping onto the stage?

Each XTRF implementation is unique and each tells a different story.
We want to hear your story at the XTRF Summit!

  • How do you benefit from XTRF?
  • What is unique about your XTRF usage?
  • Which specific customization or usage scenario are you particularly proud of?
  • How did XTRF impact your organization? What future impact do you foresee?
The XTRF Community wants to learn from each other
and hear about specific issues and solutions.
Share your story and inspire other XTRF friends.