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Andrzej Nedoma


Andrzej Nedoma is the Co-founder and CEO of XTRF Management Systems, a global translation management platform provider for translation companies of every size, in-house corporate language departments, and public organizations. His company helped hundreds of translation and localization agencies in 30 countries to leverage their potential. Andrzej was awarded with the Polish Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 title in the category “Services”. He has been building his translation industry expertise since 1996 as a business development manager and as a Managing Director for a leading Central European translation company LIDO-LANG Technical Translations which was eventually sold to Sepro Group from Spain.

Bartosz Budzyński


Responsible for Professional Services at XTRF. Strong supporter of open source movement, sharing economy enthusiast, passionate developer. His greatest superpower is transforming business needs into technical requirements.

Bartosz Gumuła


Experienced implementation specialist, business analyst, problem solver. Strong believer in partnership and direct communication in business. Started his career as a Helpdesk Agent now makes sure that the process of transition to XTRF platform is done smoothly. Passionate coffee brewer does not go anywhere without his dripper and pack of freshly roasted beans.

Bogusław Reich

Product Owner, XTRF

Bogusław joined XTRF team in June 2016 in the role of Business Analyst. A year later he transferred to the position of Implementation Project Manager and assisted many of our current clients in preparing and launching XTRF Platform to production. In July 2019 he has been appointed XTRF Product Owner. Before joining XTRF, Bogusław had worked for over 4 years as a Project Manager at Argos Multilingual – one of the leading Polish LSPs. He also has former experience in the area of content management and localization. Overall, he has over 10-year experience in the localization industry in various roles.

Carol Giné

Product Manager, Semantix

Product Manager at Semantix has 20 years of experience in the IT industry, combining roles in Product Management and Solutions Delivery. Since 2012, her focus has been in the Language Services Industry, creating end-to-end solutions with TMS, integrating with a myriad of client platforms, and tailoring localization workflow processes.

Dominik Radziszowski


A full stack IT analyst, technology visionary, cloud expert, solution architect, IT expert and auditor spanning the IT and business worlds, and software localization and internationalization practitioner. Co-founder, architect and developer of the XTRF Management System.

Donna Meyer

Ingenuiti / OmniLingua

Donna is a strategic business operations veteran with core competencies in financial and human resource management. She is currently Vice President of OmniLingua Worldwide, an Ingenuiti company, a localization services company serving the life sciences sector. She has also held senior management positions in the financial services, telecommunications and non-profit sectors. Donna is a business owner in the residential and fiber optic construction arena and was named ‘Woman of Influence – Entrepreneur’ by the Milwaukee Business Journal in 2006.

Ernest Jamka

Quality Assurance Specialist, XTRF

Mathematics buff who used to work as a chief mathematician for one of the biggest education portals in Poland. Ernest likes constant changes and new opportunities that expand his knowledge. He always looks for new areas to test his abilities, that's how he became an XTRF tester.

Jochen Hummel

Jochen Hummel is co-founder and CEO of Coreon, the leading SaaS solution for multilingual knowledge systems. He is CEO of ESTeam AB, a provider of language technology and semantic solutions to EU organisations and corporations. He serves on the board of Summa Linguae and LT-Innovate, the Forum for Europe's Language Technology Industry. He has a software development background and had grown his first company, TRADOS, to the world leader in translation memory and terminology software. In 2006 he founded Metaversum, the inventor of the virtual online world Twinity and was its CEO until 2010. He is a well-known, internationally respected software executive and serial entrepreneur. He serves on boards and is mentor/angel for several start-ups in Berlin.

Konrad Chmielewski

Head of Sales, XTRF

Konrad Chmielewski has been in the translation industry since 2006. He is a #SocialSelling Evangelist and XTRF’s Head of Sales. Before that, he worked at Argos Multilingual, one of Poland’s largest Language Service Providers. Konrad’s focus is and has always been on innovation and execution.

Konstantin Dranch

Localisation Industry Researcher

A specialist market researcher in the localization industry since 2012, Konstantin provided coverage and insights for the language industry. Formerly a business journalist and a strategist at a language technology company, he maintains a collection of data on financial performance, practices and business models from LSPs all around the world.

Maciej Rączka

Senior Implementation Specialist, XTRF

A seasoned XTRF implementation specialist and the author of XTRF Academy curriculum and contents. Before engaging in XTRF almost 6 years ago, Maciej taught Polish as a foreign language abroad, putting his linguistic and teaching education into practice.

Maksymilian Szapski

Service Desk Team Leader, XTRF

Maksymilian Szapski is the team leader of XTRF Support. He has been working in XTRF for 4 years and for the better part of this time he was coordinating or personally performing updates and upgrades of your platforms. Now he manages the Support Team and does his best to ensure the quality of services provided as well as a friendly environment for the department's employees. Privately, a cycling enthusiast who owns more bicycles then he has the storage for.

Marcin Jakubowski

Maintenance Manager, XTRF

Working at XTRF for 11 years, the architect of the onCloud service, sysadmin, security expert and problem solver. Privately a wine enthusiast.

Mateusz Szymański

Customization Programmer Team Leader, XTRF

In XTRF team for almost 3 years. Started as an intern, now Customization Team Leader. After hours passionate cyclist and music connoisseur.

Martyna Pałasz

Deployment Specialist, XTRF

Monika Wiatrowska

Operations Manager, Avantpage

I graduated in Spanish Language and Literature in my hometown Wrocław. I was seeking for more adventures and interesting projects, so after my master degree I was granted a scholarship in Mexico. One year of working on investigation project evolved into 3 years of studying and working in this beautiful country, where my journey with Avantpage started. From a Project Manager, through Operations Coordinator, I become Operations Manager in our “new” satellite office in Warsaw. I am now responsible for training and tools, process monitoring and optimization and providing the operational foundation for all company products/services. My main goal is to ensure that the Operations team can deliver to clients efficiently and accurately.

Nils Adie

Director of Technology, Semantix

Director of Technology and part of the management team within Translation at Semantix, the leading language company in the Nordics. Nils has been working with complex language technology solutions for more than a decade, overseeing the complete value chain, and driving success from pre-sales to post-delivery and plays an important role in Semantix’ ambition to take a leading role within the changing language industry.

Oskar Malina


I have 5+ years of experience in communication with individual clients as well as 4 years in business to business communication. Since almost 2 years I am managing two integrated teams: Project Managers and Customer Successes Managers. I am characterised by the ease of communication and attention to detail. The ability of logical and analytical thinking allows me to face the appearing challenges with a fresh, more friendly perspective. I believe that work based on processes is important, however leaving space for common sense is just as essential. Open mind, resourcefulness, creativity and a sense of humour are not only my character traits but something that I value in people that surround me.

Piotr Ruszczak

Head of Development, XTRF

Head of Development in XTRF. Working at XTRF for 6 years. Over 10 years experience as a developer working with various technologies.

Robrecht Belien

CEO, ElaN Languages

Coming from an technical role and taking on the daily management of the company has many advantages in a digital era.

Tomáš Buchta

Senior Localization Engineer, ITC Translations

I come from Prague, have studied physics and after working long time as DTP freelancer came into the localization industry where I'm happily staying since 10 years ago. I like testing and implementing new technologies and solutions, brainteasers, climbing, hiking, fire-shows, astronomy and many other things.